Network Promo: Coming Friday February 17

A Happy Valentines Day to all.  You’d think some romantic comedy would be appropriate for this week’s article, but instead, I’m featuring a show dating back almost half a century.  It featured an immutable friendship, and was one of the first shows to have regular characters both engaging in the slapstick of vaudeville and the pratfalls of the old movies.  Thought lost to the ages, it’s recently become available once again.  Five quotes:

They just bricked up the hearth and left.

Of course, since this is television, “unsuccessful” isn’t sad.  It’s funny.

The woman had the patience of a saint… and sometimes, the wisdom of one, too.

By the time ABC realized they had something of a hit of their own, they’d already let the cast and crew go on to other projects.

“Some of the critics said it’s the kind of humor that makes you laugh out loud in the living room…”

It’s amazing what we owe to the past, and where it came from.  We might even owe this one to Santa Claus, in a roundabout way.  See what I mean, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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