Network Promo: Coming Friday January 13

When you’ve lost your way, sometimes it’s not so much where you’re going, as what you discover during your search.  For five very different people, what they encounter is far beyond their normal lives, no matter where (or when) they originally came from.  They’d like to get back home, of course, but until then, who knows what they’ll run into?

Five quotes:

…and you KNOW it’s mysterious because it’s GREEN…

“They said the past was boring and that we should only go forward in time.”

“Science fiction tends to become the victim of rules and regulations…”

“You have to create that atmosphere for them.  You’ve got to make them believe that place.”

…we’ve got a few good ideas, and we’re willing to both teach and learn from the future.

Come join a trip to the unknown, where the journey is much more important than the destination.  Departure will be on this Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

1 comment
  1. jenniferrkunz said:

    Oh goody, finally! Not that I don’t like ALL the articles, of course.

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