Network Promo: Coming Friday, December 30

The ongoing holiday week, and the end of the year, present an opportunity for a general article again.  This time I’ve found a reason to celebrate, and to say goodbye to some dear shows.  While normally I cover short-lived series, this week gives me a chance to delve into those familiar, long-running programs and beloved characters.  All they have to do is figure out how to leave….

Five quotes:

“…you tense up, hoping your player doesn’t drop it at the last moment.”

Figuring there was no reason for survivors, they went out (literally) with a bang…

…they wrote a self-professed “love letter to the fans”… and messed it up completely…

“Then there’s the ‘WTF! Let’s stab their eyeballs with crazy!’ approach.”

“…or at least the closest thing to closure you can get with people who don’t actually exist.”

For the end of the year, an article about going out in style…. and those who didn’t, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

  1. Cool, another general article! I’d read a book of your general articles – it’s be like a book of essays about TV – I love them so much. Thanks, Tim. And about long-running shows, too. Hmmm…

    • Tim Rose said:

      I’m trying to do one of these “general” types of things about every two months or so. Not so often as they become the focus of the site, but enough so it breaks up the article types (and I don’t want to run through too many ideas too quickly either). Glad you like them. Keep enjoying it!!

  2. Jennifer Kunz said:

    I will! I never miss an article, even of shows I’ve decided I didn’t like, ‘cos your writing makes every TV show seem cool. I’ve read every article so far and always eagerly await the next one!

  3. Jennifer Kunz said:

    Sorry about the 2 different spellings of my name, but I signed onto WordPress using my email and it didn’t seem to work. So I signed on with my gmail also and now it alternately lists me as ‘jenniferrkunz’ or ‘Jennifer Kunz’ – whichever way it feels like. Sigh. But they’re both me!

  4. Triv said:

    That “love letter to the fans” is ringing bells like crazy, but it’s just not coming to me. Considering I never get any of these, it’s really starting to bug me. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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