Network Promo: Coming Friday, December 23

It’s Christmas time, and with the holiday crunch and places to go, I’ve unfortunately little time to write.  Happily, one of the creators of a show I’ve featured here in the past has graciously allowed me to repost one of his recent writings, a very special Christmas card to those who loved his show, not to mention another series, and to television lovers everywhere — especially those with a sense of outrageous humor and a bit of geek credibility.

Five quotes from his story:

…a doomsday device of unfathomably Byzantine construction, a robotic army, and a sidekick in peril…

“The Most Powerful Thing In The Universe”

“…or we could just skip the pleasantries and go about saving the planet as you know it.”

“I don’t care if you are the man I knew – you are NOT the man I knew.”

“Let’s wax this duck!”

Ahh, it’s such fun to see the universe (almost) end.  Especially at Christmas.  Come join some of my favorite heroes in a wild adventure that only one talented man could write, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.


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