Network Promo: Coming Friday December 16

I have to admit I’m in the majority on this particular show… as I didn’t watch it the first time around either.  Which is a shame, as it’s both one of the lowest rated series I’ve written about here… and likely one of the best, making numerous critics’ Top 10 Lists.  Of course it had to fail.  But that didn’t stop those who did find it from loving it just the same.

Five quotes:

“If we grow two sizes we might actually be small-time.”

…despite their lack of money, lack of judgment, and (occasional) lack of common sense…

And we cheer their successes… but we also understand their defeats.

While that doesn’t stop a great series from existing, it does stop one from continuing.

“…there’s a very poor correlation between creative success and commercial success.”

I’m happy I did finally discover it, even though it’s barely a year old.  Despite vocal support and critical admiration, some will never understand the difference between a mutt and the Best in Show.  Fortunately, we get both, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

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