Network Promo: Coming Friday November 18

I wish I’d posted this upcoming article last week, but the idea was inspired by the holiday observance a few days ago, and a show which did its best to portray those kinds of people that far too many of us take for granted the rest of the year.  Five quotes:

The people you never thought worthy might just be the wild cards you need to survive.

“You are a team!  And if you risk your ass, you risk the team.”

It’s a long and difficult road to travel, even in the best of times.

“What would you die for?”

When all else fails, they must be confronted.

I simply write about old TV shows.  These articles are a far, far cry from what some people go through, every day, to allow me that privilege and that choice.  With my words I thank them for their efforts above and beyond the call, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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