Network Promo: Coming Friday October 28

Halloween weekend is upon us once again.  Unlike last year’s rather more gentle Eerie, Indiana, this year it’s time to take a look at a show that might portend the end of the world… if the right choices aren’t made.  There’s a point to everything, as you’ll see….

Five quotes:

Sometimes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

“One of the challenges is to make it seem like it could happen to you.”

“The fate of the world is going to come to a head in this really ordinary place.”

…we are responsible for shaping our own views on the world around us.

“I’ve found that evil usually triumphs unless good is very, very careful.”

OK, so one of those quotes isn’t from this particular show… but it still fits so very well.  You never know what might enter your life unexpectedly, for good or evil… and how decisions both large and small make a difference.  See what I mean, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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