Network Promo: Coming Friday, October 14

This week, a show most people don’t even realize aired in prime-time.  Although the initial run only lasted one season, it aired in reruns so much it’s one of the few shows that was shown on all three networks (back when there were ONLY three).  Five quotes:

…their adventures took them all over the world…

Ratings hadn’t been refined enough to measure specific demographics…

“…they’d come in and they were at a loss.  They couldn’t handle adventure stuff.”

It has developed new followings in every generation since its premiere…

“My biggest kick comes from the individual fans I run into.  Middle-aged men ask me when we’re going to do more…”

I’d like more, even though an added helping got made a while back.  But hey, even that was years ago.  Read about a one-season adventure which has lasted almost half a century, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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