Network Promo: Coming Friday, October 7

I’ve written about shows set in many places:  the American west, outer space, under the sea, and even an Otherworld.  But this week’s show is set in a place I’ve never visited before:  South America.  That may not sound quite so far away as others, but for this type of show, it’s rather exotic.  Just ask the characters.  Five quotes:

“…she basically put a scalpel in the hands of Indiana Jones.”

“one of the world’s greatest humanitarians”

Native methodology wasn’t seen to be “old”, just different.

“Friday becomes what we call Fraturday because we’re there until really early Saturday.”

“Ask, and the jungle provides.  It has everything you need.”

You don’t need a long memory for this one (and besides, the DVD set came out only a month or so ago).  But you do need to find your way to a remote place which is hard to reach, even if you had directions.  See what I mean, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

  1. rob f said:

    Great site! I really enjoyed your piece on The Black Donnelly’s. I have a request. Can you please write about NBC’s Kings?

    • Kings is on my list of shows, and I’m waiting on the DVDs so I can do the proper research… But I already know the obvious angle to do. It may be a bit, though, as I have tentative plans for shows all the way out for another six months or so… but plans change, so we’ll see how soon I can get to it. Glad you liked what you found here. Welcome!!!

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