Network Promo: Coming Friday, September 30

A visit into our future, and the challenges awaiting those brave enough to dare the unknown.  Much like the hardy souls who made the voyage to the New World from Europe, or trekked across the plains in search of hopes and dreams, these particular settlers hoped for a shining new way of life while confronting wonders (and dangers) so very different from themselves….

Five quotes:

“Four days ago, aliens landed on a distant planet, and we are them.”

Our people have brought the enemy with them….

…old ways warred with both new ideas and newly encountered cultures.

“…finding that we know so little about what makes us human…”

…exploration is not just into the unknown world around us…

Our old world was no longer a home.  It was time to find a new place, and a new way to live.  Revisit that journey right here on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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