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Clever SF writer Arthur C. Clarke once famously said that any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic.  While this might be true, it doesn’t lessen in the least the mystery of more modern tech, and the crimes which can be created with its use.  It takes an extremely smart person to figure out such things, and separate magic from science… and fortunately, the smartest man in the world loves impossible mysteries. But is he also the craziest?

Five quotes:

“I’m about to take you on the greatest adventure of your life.  You’ll probably never even thank me for it.”

“What do you use for a heart?  A pocket calculator?”

…the modern mysteries of our scientific and technological world could be just as entertaining as a traditional parlour mystery…

His skills at interacting with people were almost non-existent.

There’s a very fine line between genius and crazy…

A show from 20 years ago, but cutting edge for its time.  It was co-created by another SF writer, but based completely in fact.  Read about the series which celebrated cleverness above all, featured this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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  1. ThirdBass said:

    Oh boy, this show was neat! I’ve been looking forward to an article on it, I don’t know anything more about its development/background than the Asimov connection.

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