Network Promo: Coming Friday September 16

This past week, America has been looking back at one of the most traumatic moments of its history.  While I would never diminish the effect of those events, a certain television show was affected, more than most, by what happened… and it led to a similar series which set out to show all of us how people continue to cope, as best they can, despite the tragedies along the way.  On Friday, a look back at what started the journey….

Five quotes:

Abusive, abrasive, and just plain angry at times…

…helping coerce a probable law-breaker into a confession by faking an attack… against his grandmother.

“It’s catching up with you, man.  You can’t be smoking, drinking, and self-medicating everyday…”

“”It doesn’t really get better.  Time just moves on.”

We can’t get away from it, we can’t ignore it… all we can do is try to heal.

Lives changed that day… and television reflected it, as it always does.  See just how, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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