Network Promo: Coming Friday September 2

Man, it’s been hot here lately… and although those on the East Coast have probably seen more than enough water with the advent of Hurricane Irene, it’s still time here for a cooling dip and a visit from a very unusual denizen of the deep.

Five quotes:

“This show has style.  It’s not great science fiction.”

“We would do the sets that didn’t have to be wet.”

“…we knew what it was going to be — it was a wet Batman.”

…the very first American television series ever sold to stations in mainland China.

…a place where an infinite number of stories could be told, and infinite number of possibilities existed.

This week, a trip back decades, and deep into the depths, featuring an article about a memorable show from my youth, and exactly why you shouldn’t set a series there… this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

1 comment
  1. Oh funny I just recently watched the pilot of this. As soon as I saw the word water in the promo this was the first show that popped into my head (initials to show to prove I really guessed: MfA). It’ll be fun to read about the rest of the series, see what else it went on to do. That’s what’s great about the variety to the articles, there’s always something unexpected and intriguing on the way.

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