Network Promo: Coming Friday, August 19

All aboard for a tour of exotic places, with a little espionage thrown in (if you’re up for it).  A two-week vacation and a year’s salary, and all you have to do is be yourself… under life-and-death pressure.  Could you do it?  Would you?

Five quotes:

“The United States of America would like to invite you… to come spy with me.”

Of course, what you gain in anonymity you lose in experience…

“…aren’t they going to be a little put off by having to work with two rookies?”

The opening title sequence shows much of the ’80’s James Bond influence…

Sometimes, you don’t ask for Shakespeare.

Not the best series in the world this week, but one that could have had some promise, if it wasn’t for the usual lousy time slot and some rather strange choices for plots.  But the premise showed such possibilities that this was the fourth time around for a pilot… and it still wasn’t a success.  But it will be featured this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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