Network Promo: Coming Friday, July 22

Day ends, night begins.  There’s a new moon, signaling change of the most unique kind.  This week’s show was part of the biggest change in the landscape of television over the last quarter century, which was appropriate.  Because the show was both about changes… and about being scary.

Five quotes:

“The cycle has begun… and it can’t be stopped now.”

What ensues is something like a thriller version of the television classic The Fugitive…

…he simply oozed villainy in every scene, relishing the chance to play a part totally against his own character.

“I did not mind ending up faulted for the concept, but I did not want to be faulted for the execution.”

It looked, for a time, as if there was a hit in the making…

Sit tight, turn off the lights, and make sure the door is bolted.  Not that it will help you, but it may make for a better atmosphere when reading this week’s Friday @ 8/7 Central.  There are those who believe… and those who will.

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