Network Promo: Coming Friday, July 15

If I could make just one wish to come true, it may very well be to see a particular person once more.  He left us many years ago this week, and among his many other accomplishments, he contributed to a particular TV show.  So, this week, an article with something about the show, and something about the person.

Five quotes:

“If you want it, you’ve got to get it.  But to get it, you’ve got to want it.”

…there were only 47 half-hours made, roughly a season’s worth of shows for a typical hour-long drama.

ABC needed something to point at as a “positive educational experience” for kids…

ABC News used it as part of the network’s Bicentennial celebration of the United States.

“The credo of my life is, very simply, when in doubt, do something.”

Come back this week as I remember a man who’s made an indelible impact, not just on my life, but on so very many, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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