Network Promo: Coming Friday, July 8

Spending a few seasons with a cozy little community theatre, I performed a number of plays with many of the “regulars” there, taking on different roles each show but interacting with the same actors.  On a larger scale, it’s no mystery why this week’s show had success with the same idea. 

Five quotes: 

“So, it was in a pretty good place to begin with… and now it’s just become more comfortable.”

…femmes fatales, mostly innocent ingenues, and times when actions (and fists) speak louder than words.

“You know, I’ve taken great pleasure in lying to you in the past.”

The concept also allows for the traditional “gather everyone into a room” ending…

“They have an opportunity to morph into completely different characters every week.”

A wonderfully literary series from a decade ago, with a mystery legacy dating back much further.  Come take part (or parts) in a delightful period piece with style, flair, and comfort, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central. 

–Tim R.

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