Network Promo: Coming Friday, June 24

Time for another more general post, about a television phenomenon we’ve likely all seen.  When it’s done badly, we pretty much universally hate it, but when it’s done well, we almost don’t even notice it happened.  We congratulate the powers-that-be on a job well done, not even realizing their extra efforts were for the most crass of reasons:  money.

Five quotes:

…the budget becomes a balloon, larger and larger by necessity.

But just to make sure each series at least has a shot at success, many series are “front-loaded”.

Everything after episode 100 is gravy as far as a studio is concerned…

But emotions were drawn out, obsessions laid bare, and viewers discovered deeper layers to the two involved…

“I might as well sit in the corner with a bucket on my head.”

Open up a cold, refreshing drink and examine something that only exists in television… and helps make it successful, no matter how much fans might wish otherwise, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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