Network Promo: Coming Friday, June 3

Trying to find your way in the world is difficult enough, but it helps when you’ve got good friends around.  And even when it seems like you’ll never leave your hometown existence… well, maybe there are some virtues there.  But no matter when you start, or where you end up, somehow (with a little help) you’ll find your way.  That’s what this week’s show is all about.

Five quotes:

…she may find a way through it… if they don’t trip her up with their well-meaning assistance.

“Remember the good old days, when you could just kill your parents and take their land?”

…she’d slept with all of the eligible males there at least once, and was working her way through the list again!

“Eh, the economy sucks, there’s nothing to do, and everything I own smells like fish.”

…as people who have found their place… exactly where they started.

Some big names here who hadn’t yet become that way, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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