Network Promo: Coming Friday, May 6

Going for a show this week that’s roughly twenty years old.  It was aimed at… well, that was the problem.  Adults thought it was for kids, and much of the storyline went right over the kids heads.  The kids still had a reason to enjoy it, though… although all the toys may have cost those adults a pretty penny at the time.  Five quotes:

“We had to make sure that the show also stood on its own without the gaming effect.”

“There have been hints of romance, violence, the sense of loss;  it’s all here.”

…one would hope that the series would involve a bit more than just laser lights and sound effects.

“‘Hey, how about only 20 seconds of interactivity and a little more dialogue?”

…and maybe now, those who were kids twenty years ago will pick up the DVDs for nostalgic purposes…

This show probably tried to do too much for too many, and ended up failing for all.  But it’s still a target worth focusing on, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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  1. Scott Haworth said:

    Captain Power?

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