Network Promo: Coming Friday, April 29

Another general piece this week, in which I talk about more than one show.  In fact, if I wanted to talk about ALL the shows I could touch on this week, there’s 282 of them!  No, I don’t mention them all, but I do take note of more than a few, and what they all shared along the way… from the ’50’s to current day, and a great many in between.  Five quotes:

“Stay with me now, this is complicated but kind of fun.”

Fans loved tuning in to see an old friend in a new venue…

…but that got shot down at the last minute for the simple fact that the two shows appeared on different networks…

…plus other mentions and parodies elsewhere (including as a Muppet, of all things).

An interesting way to look at this amazing world of television, if nothing else.

Come look into the very strange world of television (and where so much of it might start) this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central!

–Tim R.


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