Network Promo: Coming Friday, April 22

A really strange format featured this week:  only one series, but it had three different “shows”.   Menace!  Surprises!  Romance!  Death-defying action!  Astonishing adventures into the unknown!  (And all that was just in the opening credits!)  SIX quotes, a pair for each featured “show”:

…clues left in an address book she found in her brother’s apartment… just before someone tried to kill her.

What ensues is a world-wide journey (on the Universal back-lot, of course)…

“…portions of which are in beautiful black and white!”

There was a distinct lack of updating done on this segment of the show…

“When you fully comprehend the gift only I can give… I will be waiting.”

…this all sounds rather campy, and yet this was the one story where camp took a back seat…

A photojournalist, a U.S. Marshall, and a vampire… how’s that for a set?  Find them all this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central!

–Tim R.

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