Network Promo: Coming Friday, April 1

Yes, the next article goes up on April Fools Day, so the featured show is all about getting a particular person (or two) to believe everything going on around them is real… when it’s actually more phony than a three-dollar bill.  Almost a mockery of a particular type of show not featured on this site before, and most appropriate for this holiday.

Five quotes:

He was supposedly dismissed by the producers for the safety of the others, but a few weeks later was brought back…

“Like there was no doubt in my mind that anything that had been written, he was gonna do.”

Of course, the actors themselves were walking a tightrope, improvising as they went.

“Will you guys all stop acting like lunatics?  My God!”

“You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

OK, so the last “quote” predates the show itself by many years, but it’s still appropriate for the subject matter.  Whether you’re looking to live in the lap of luxury, or just hoping for a last chance for love, you can look here… and find something else completely, this Friday @ 8/7 Central!!!

–Tim R.

  1. Bill said:

    It reads like one of the so-called “reality TV” shows, but that is just a gut reaction.

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