Network Promo: Coming Friday, March 25

An instant article this week, about a show that’s so fresh and recent that the cancellation notice only came this very month.  I warned people about this one, but I guess the networks didn’t listen… or maybe there wasn’t anyone there left to hear.  Five quotes:

Let’s hear it for a heroic effort, at least.

“I’m gonna make a pair of boots out of you!”

…and you can be sure the villain has no inclination to return the favor.

“Our fate is fixed.  It’s our destiny that must be seized.”

The corporate upheavals of Comcast/NBC caused even more uncertainty and less faith…

Some shows are worth waiting for.  Sometimes, you find someone to stand up and be counted, to face down the evil in the world.  Read about a fictional one let down by the real ones, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

  1. jon said:

    so long cape…

  2. Tim said:

    No cake for you!

    • jon said:

      So harsh…

    • jon said:

      No wait…. I totally get the cake! I guessed right

  3. Bill said:

    V? It’s the first thing that came to mind with the “boots out of you” remark.

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