Network Promo: Coming Friday, March 18

Mystical happenings, faith, political struggle, and holding on to what you believe in the face of a new world.  All gathered together with the spirit of the earth, the strength of the people, and the sound of their hearts.  Five quotes:

“We will not be broken.  And we will never be silenced.”

“It’s the voice that echoes in every living thing… the power that binds us together.”

Reason for one is not always sufficient reason for another.

“One week the show was very grounded in reality.  The next it had special effects.  One week it had magic.  The week after magic was outlawed.  It drove us nuts.”

“…hopefully people will, from this show, sit down and relax their minds and find their own inner strengths to not take the easy route out, and to take everything head on…”

Go back to an age of turmoil, change, honor, and becoming stronger by believing in things greater than yourself.  Listen with your heart, this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

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