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This week, it’s time to visit a very dark place.  There’s no fantasy or magic or otherworldly happenings.  There isn’t anything unusual other than the shadows of the human soul, and the horrible things one man could be capable of.  Oh, and that one man?  He’s ostensibly the hero.

Five quotes:

We’re not bad people, but we occasionally make mistakes.

Some referred to him as “Satan in a suit”.

“Anyone who thinks controlling people is a science is dead wrong:  It’s an art.”

…he was the one the audience was supposed to identify with.

It was uncomfortable because far too many people at home had their own skeletons in their closet…

Any secrets to hide?  If you met our lead they wouldn’t be hidden long, and they just might be used against you.  Come see how, this Friday @ 8/7 Central….

–Tim R.

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