Network Promo: Coming Friday, February 11

It’s Valentine’s Day in a week, so this Friday’s post will be all about love (and the many ways we try to find it).  Of course, if we had a little help, it would all go so much easier… or would it?  Five quotes:

“Life is complicated.  Love is simple.”

“Romeo and Juliet counts.  Romeo and the coat check girl doesn’t.”

…love may be standing right beside them, if only they’d look at each other.

The problem is, giving in to the fans is exactly the wrong thing for a show to do in this case.

“I think I leaned, slightly, to the notion that he was off his rocker.”

The search for love can get a little crazy.  The searchers might be more than a little crazy themselves.  Come find some love for a lost show this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central.

–Tim R.

1 comment
  1. Tim R said:

    Sounds like Cupid! Oh, such a great series. The quotes are making me think of the second incarnation more than the Piven starring original, though. Look forward to seeing the article.

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