Network Promo: Coming Friday January 7

Television can be a magical medium, full of stories that create wonder, mystery, and surprise.  This week’s show did all that, especially the magic part… or should I say magick?  Five quotes:

“If things get weird, or weirder, or strange, or just if you’re not sure what’s going on, just… you just call me, all right?”

She’s trained to find evidence, not believe in hocus pocus… and she’s very good at her job…

“…that you just can’t get any sort of expression or any sort of sympathy from a skull…”

…but whenever the cameras started to roll, they both had to switch accents…

I happened to stumble across a business card once that might do you some good.

Amazing, that the more things change the more they stay the same.  Lots of changes, but the spirit (or spirits, as the case may be) really did continue from the source.  Come read about the magical changes this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central!

–Tim R.

  1. Krista said:

    “The Dresden Files”? 😀 (I can hope, right?)

    • You can do more than hope. You can read about it tonight….

      • Krista said:

        Utter and awesome coolness!! 🙂 I was so bummed when Sci-Fi canceled it, only to put on WWF in its place. WTF, Sci-Fi?

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