Network Promo: Coming Friday December 31

Looking at the future on New Year’s Eve, featuring a show that was surprisingly accurate at predicting the path of the very medium that created it.  Not the apocalypse part with the rubble and everything, but what’s happened to how we all find out about it.  Five quotes:

“The future of network TV is at stake here… and right now, it doesn’t look good.”

…especially when the network didn’t care about truth so much as it did about ratings.

“He has all the wiring of a human mind, but none of the memories.”

Little to no attention is paid to “objectivity” sometimes, as it would obviously get in the way of the “narrative”.

“These processes that inform you aren’t neutral… they may not be in your best interests.”

Want to see what’s new?  Grab a Coke and come visit a very different world with a very different title character this week on Friday @ 8/7 Central!

–Tim R.

  1. It opened with the tagline: ’20 minutes into the future’, if I remember correctly. Loved this one 😀

    • Tim Rose said:

      …and that’s very close to the title of my article….

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