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“A Very Special Blog” this week… no particular show (as I found it rather unfair to single out a specific series for Christmas week), but instead have written a piece on what my Xmas wishes were, both for the kinds of shows I cover here, and for networks going forward in creating and nurturing shows in general.  I do get to talk about a few of my favorite shows of all time in the process, however, so here are some hints to those.  Five quotes:

It is believed that 108 original half-hours are lost for eternity.

The aired remastered episodes showed them, but Paramount then digitally erased the stains for the DVDs!

…which used the great Ray Charles vocal Georgia on my Mind to wonderful effect in the original episode.

Its second season was recently released with NO commentary at all on any episodes, and it’s considered successful as a series.

“…and suddenly something will grow out of it, and not only does it make that scene better, but it teaches us what we can do…”

Holiday wishes for all, and I appreciate the gift of your visiting Friday @ 8/7 Central this week!

–Tim R.

  1. John Burch said:

    I know two of the shows, as I don’t want to spoil the fun Ill add two more clues onto the clues you gave…. (More T.V. references for T.V. shows, I thought you would appreciate it Tim)

    Three current shows on T.V. have themes from 1 band, and its name may help you out to discover the show that has 108 episodes missing from eternity.

    A certain theory mentioned “The Big Bang Theory” will help you discover the “Georgia on my mind” riddle.

  2. Triv said:

    The 108 half-hours one is instantly obvious to me, but nothing else. Trying to work backwards from John’s clues is getting me nowhere.

  3. Bill said:

    Yeah, the first one is pretty obvious. I think I know the second one because I know Tim and it logically makes sense.
    Boy, that was a dead give away wasn’t it?

  4. Tim Rose said:

    Some time help then:

    First quote: This is the obvious one, and covers from the ’60s to current (in fact, I get a Christmas present of a new ep for this one on Xmas day)

    Second: Also ’60s, with new versions until today as well.

    Third: The show ran from the late ’80s into the early ’90s, but the subject matter ran back to the 1940’s (except for that one pesky episode that went all the way back to the American Civil War….)

    Fourth: Current show, still running, with one of my favorite actors who’s been mentioned on this blog previously….

    Fifth: Also current, but probably one of the most mentioned shows on this blog, since meeting the producers gives me lots of quotes (and it just ran episodes this past week, in fact).

    There you go, better clues (I hope), with a bit more context. See you Friday!

    • Triv said:

      Christmas day! I have to wait ’til Boxing day… although the difference in time zones may make that all but moot.

  5. Hey, this’ll be a fun article to read, also an opportunity for you to talk about some shows that don’t fit in the ‘short run’ category. I’ve guessed 1, 2, & 5.

  6. Triv said:

    Sorry about the double post, but I think I’ve finally worked out #2, and I’m kicking myself for taking so long. If I’m right, 1 and 2 make an interesting comparison: one was a near-instant hit and ran continuously for ages, the other didn’t really make an impact until the repeats. But today they’re both… will I give it away if I say any more?

  7. Discoverer said:

    Hey, I guessed #1, 2, & 3 (honest)!

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