Network Promo: Coming Friday, December 10

Crack open your books, it’s time for class.  A very demanding study, celebrating intelligence like few other shows ever did.  And a word to the soon-to-be wise:  Whatever you do, don’t disappoint the teacher.  He expects the best.  Five quotes:

He is demanding, sarcastic, overbearing, and yet one of the most principled men you’d ever meet.

“It is my obligation to prepare my students to exist in the most competitive of all worlds….”

…each of them have moments when they fall, some further than others.

It shows learning as a noble goal, and that people’s lives could (and would) change because of it.

“The whole point is to argue, to disagree.”

Well, perhaps that was sometimes the point of the show, but I highly doubt you’ll disagree with quality of this series (although you may quibble a bit about whether it belongs on this site or not).  Come back for the presentation this week on Friday 8/7 Central.


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