Network Promo: Coming Friday November 26

I swear, I have to be crazy to write this blog, but it keeps me from going insane.  Thankfully, JoAnn covered for me last week, but I’m back after spending some time with some really unusual people.  No, not my readers.  The shows, of course!  There are a few characters (besides me) who get that “slightly crazy” label as well, and all they’re trying to do is cope with their life and their job.  Of course, if you had their job, maybe you’d be slightly crazy too.  Five quotes:

“The vibrator on your bedside table is not a secret.”

Lunatic behavior isn’t always that way if you understand why….

…rules are sometimes made to be broken, hopefully for the best of reasons…

“I tell them that they can write things as strange as they want, because anything is possible out there.”

Like the guy who wants to know if the cleansing agent will get brains out of tire treads.

And believe it or not, this one is NOT science fiction at all!  We’re still entering some strange territory this week though, with a show that brings comedy, drama, and that wonderful essence of “quirky” that I love so much.  Come join me for the most recent show I’ve covered so far, this week on Friday 8/7 Central!

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