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Growing up has always been a source of human stories, but sometimes it’s the parent that has the growing up to do, and lessons are learned by all in the process.  On this week’s show the process was different from most, but was still able to show how we all have to face that relationship, and find that connection that only comes from being a parent and child… even when you’re not sure which one has the most to learn.  Five quotes:

It incorporated wholesome values into its story elements.

Many critics panned it, and the label “science fiction” [gasp!] discouraged many from even trying it.

The writing treated numerous social and environmental issues of the day, particularly literacy, endangered species, and the care of the indigent and disabled; topics still of relevancy today.

There is no book… no manual… no one that can truly prepare us for the role of being a parent.

He is learning about life, in particular, human mores and behaviors.

Two people far from their homes, finding a home with each other.  Learn about them and their journey this week on Friday 8/7 Central.

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  1. Krista said:

    “Starman”? 😀 If so, this was one of my favorite shows…I was heartbroken when it was cancelled. 🙂

    -Krista 🙂

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