Network Promo: Coming Friday November 5

Some of these articles are easy to write.  Some, not so much.  And occasionally, there’s one that seems impossible at first.  That’s the case this week, but the solution has been found.  See what it is this Friday.

Five quotes:

Whether is was to simply amuse himself, or just to spar with the numerous suspects verbally…

…behind those televised charms and smart plots was a difficult and tumultuous journey.

“It’s the same thing as dropping a baby off a 40-story building as far as they’re concerned.”

…leaving money on the table is something Hollywood simply can’t understand…

“So basically I do what I think is the right thing, and let them think what they please.”

Slight violation of the rules here, as this series technically ran two seasons (and could have run three or more, except for the actions of its star), and yet, it was shorter than some of the other shows that have been featured here so far.  Don’t worry, it just looks impossible.  All will be revealed, this Friday @ 8/7 Central!

–Tim R.

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