Network Promo: Coming Friday October 29

It’s time to celebrate Halloween, with a show that wasn’t full of horror, but instead full of what the holiday should be for kids:  A little scary, a little fun, and a little wonder at what might go bump in the night….

Five quotes:

“When else can a non-adult wear a disguise and roam around after dark forcing people to give you candy for no good reason…”

(which we find out, from the air, is shaped like the Bermuda Triangle)

“I tried telling myself there was a logical explanation for everything, but logic doesn’t apply here.”

…this has to be one of the best solutions ever for “writing a actor out of a series”…

…although occasionally limited by budgets, it had no scarcity of storytelling imagination.

Come back this week and re-visit a wonderfully quirky show, Friday at 8/7 Central!!

–Tim R.

  1. Dennis said:

    Eerie, Indiana

  2. Jaret Morlan said:

    I. Love. This. Show.

  3. Tim Rose said:

    I love writing these articles, and I also love the memories, feelings, and shared experiences these shows bring. I spend hours each week on research, joyfully. So please, share what you feel about the shows too.

    Dennis, this isn’t Jeopardy!. The fastest answer doesn’t win any money or points. How about opinions on the shows? You’re obviously knowledgeable about great old TV, wanna share any of that with us? I’d appreciate it. Start a dialogue, don’t end it.

    • Dennis said:

      Wow. I didn’t realize we were being policed.

      I like to guess the show. I guess if that’s a problem, and you would rather control the message boards, then I won’t be visiting your site anymore.

      • Tim Rose said:

        You know, all I was trying to do was get more participation, not less. The only police on this site are the articles about Police Squad and Cop Rock. I just wanted to find out a bit more, since you’re obviously knowledgeable about all this stuff. If being interested offends you, I can’t help that. Read if you want. Post if you want. Don’t do either if you want. It’s not like I’m going to control any of that.

        The site will still be here. So will the comments. Partake if you wish. It’s not up to me, it’s up to you.

        Besides, if I were actually policing the site to that degree, I’d be removing comments… and I’ve only done that once, at the request of the person who made the particular post in the first place. You’ve being invited, not policed.

      • Jaret Morlan said:

        Now, now. You’re both pretty.

  4. Ooh, I hope it IS Eerie Indiana – that show was so great! I liked the sequel/remake too.

    I agree, reading the comments here is fun, it brings a shared experience to it all. (I assume this one comment you mention was the one I posted awhile back of a couple corrections that I asked you to remove once you fixed them?)

    Don’t get miffed Dennis, guess all you want – the guessing is part of the fun – just don’t be shy about commenting your thoughts on the show too, I know Tim likes to hear our opinions 🙂 This is a fun place to hang out and talk TV.

    • Tim Rose said:

      correct, ThirdBass, that’s the one. Otherwise, the only thing I’ve ever said about comments was, don’t be insulting, and don’t spam (The filter on the blog software does a great job of screening out the obvious spamming).

      And you’re right… I love to hear comments, and the worst thing I can think about is trying to write in a vacuum, and not hearing how people feel–good, bad, or whatever. And I’ve made some good friends on this site, people halfway around the world (I’m looking at you, Discoverer!).

      Now if I could only find copies of “Drive”, I’d be really happy…..

    • Jaret Morlan said:

      I already regret this, but I think Dennis’s point is more to the fact that if all he wants to do is guess, then he should be able to do that. If that’s the enjoyment for him, and he doesn’t WANT to elaborate on his opinions of the shows, then that’s his choice and he shouldn’t be called out on it. It is, after all, a public forum.

      Don’t hate me.

      • Tim Rose said:

        No hate involved. Towards you or anyone else. As I said, post or don’t post, it’s not up to me, and the blog will still be here for everyone’s enjoyment. Would I hope for more? Of course. But again, not my choice to make, and I know that. It also doesn’t stop me from trying to elicit more, though, and that activity is my choice to make.

        No room in your bag for regrets, sir. I welcome you, Dennis, ThirdBass, Trivial, and everyone else along the way, and if I’ve given them any enjoyment on occasion, or even just something to think about, then writing these articles has done some good here.

        Meanwhile, get packed for a trip to Indiana tonight…. don’t forget clean underwear. (you’ll see….)

      • Dennis said:

        Yes, thank you.

  5. Trivial said:

    Well, I for one have been enjoying discovering new shows, that I would otherwise probably never have heard of. I have not yet guessed a single show from the promo. The only problem is that I have a loooong list to find and watch now…

  6. Discoverer said:


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