Network Promo: Coming Friday October 22

One of the shortest, most unique, and truly different shows ever on a major network … and that’s saying a lot, considering some of the rare birds that have been featured in this column before.  But you might have to have the memory of an elephant to remember this one, even though it’s less than a decade old.  That says a lot too.  In fact, this show was all talk and little action.  Although I did have the luxury of not doing any bios this week… because there were none to do.  Have I outfoxed you with this one yet?  Five quotes:

“Being something entirely different than anything in the primetime landscape is a tremendous advantage, in a way.”

Just the everyday observations of everyday people about everyday life.

…there was absolutely no reason for the viewer to stay over the commercial…

Of course, the practical advantage is that you don’t have to deal with temperamental actors or troublesome locations…

“The main problem seems to be sustaining interest over a half-hour show.”

Careful on this one… remember, curiosity killed the cat.  But with dogged determination, you might just figure out what this week’s show is, on Friday 8/7 Central!!

–Tim R.

  1. Dennis said:

    Creature Comforts

    • Jaret Morlan said:

      Who are you?!

      • Dennis said:

        No one of consequence.

    • Jaret Morlan said:

      I must know.

      • Dennis said:

        Get used to disappointment.

      • Jaret Morlan said:


        That was awesome. You’re okay by me Dennis!

  2. JoJo said:

    ah…but REVENGE brought it back!

  3. Bill said:

    I have enough trouble picking the shows that ran for several years let alone one that went for a few episodes. Is “outfoxed” a hint as to what network it was on?

    • Trivial said:

      Well, there does seem to be an animal theme, if you look closer. I agree with Dennis on this – Creature Comforts is one of the few shows we’ve had here that I’ve actually watched, and it fits the bill nicely.

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