Network Promo: Coming Friday October 15

I’m bringing the silly this week, so pay attention.  Because if you don’t, I guarantee you’ll miss something.  A show that literally got canceled because people had to watch it, or else.  And yet, it lived on, and made over $100 million dollars.  Five quotes:

“We showed that in front of all those ABC executives, and it was like a mortician’s convention.”

This actually proved to be a point of controversy that the show barely avoided.

“We would have come earlier, but your husband wasn’t dead then.”

…it took a friend and me an average of forty-five minutes to watch each twenty-five minute episode.

If people had paid attention, they could have essentially seen it for free six years earlier…

Surely one of the most outrageous comedies ever, that was clearly ahead of its time… this week on Friday 8/7 Central!

  1. Dennis said:

    Police Squad!

    • Jaret Morlan said:
  2. Bill said:

    Yup, Police Squad was my pick, too. Especially the part about seeing it for free on TV.

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