Network Promo: Coming Friday, October 8

We enter a dark world this week, full of schemes, betrayal, temptation, and untruths… all packaged in a mid-90’s show that depicted a world that was both menacing and enthralling.  Five quotes:

And the furthest fall from grace is to give up your humanity forever.

“They needed a name for their fears in the night.”

…each forced to use the others resources to protect their own kind.

Lots of different forces, pulling different ways, all out for power and, quite literally, blood.

“We’re the other side of life.”

Come read about a show set in a world that people are still playing in, even today… this week on Friday 8/7 Central.

  1. Dennis said:

    Kindred: The Embraced

    • JoAnn said:

      Very good Dennis!!! Gotta be!

    • JP said:

      Get it right. The correct name is Vampire: 90210…

  2. Jaret Morlan said:

    Well. That was surprising. Nice work!

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