Network Promo: Coming Friday, September 17

I’m cooking up a good one this week.  It’s got lots of different things mixed into a show that should have gotten much more attention and appreciation.  Even the bean counters should have been happy… but it’s another show that mysteriously disappeared before it had a chance.

Five quotes:

…is a bit like making a creative multi-course gourmet meal… and nobody shows up for dinner.

“I think we do try and be satisfying and respectful and not make it too outlandishly unbelievable.”

And they’re off to solve a mystery, in every episode… with more than a few laughs along the way.

“…let’s just kind of cut our losses and put it on, and if magic happens, then great…”

…just to get a running start at kicking it off a cliff.

I hope that’s whet your appetite for more… and you’ll find it, this week at Friday 8/7 Central!

–Tim R.

  1. I have NO IDEA what this one is. A culinary mystery show? Hmm, can’t think of anything that fits the bill. Of course come Friday I’ll probably be doing a facepalm…

    • Tim Rose said:

      The food thing is just a theme from me… but everything else is there… a comedy mystery, which plays the mystery as strongly as the comedy… and that’s a pretty rare thing. Plus, the whole thing is available online, so you’ll be able to check it out in its entirety. I just discovered it myself that way, doing research on something else, and thought it worthy of an article, just because it was so different. So don’t let the food analogy fool you, ignore that, and go from there…

  2. YOUR theme, okay, that threw me. Making ’em even harder to guess with curveballs, huh? Actually I’ve never heard of this show either. Probably lots out there I haven’t, but it’s fun to hear of ’em here 🙂

    • Tim Rose said:

      Penalty Flag on me, then. You’re right, I should have made the promo more directly reflect the actual show, and not my article specifically (I wrote the promo directly on the heels of the article itself, and was still in “analogy” mode). The curveball wasn’t intentional, just continuing the writing I’d been doing for a few hours previous. I’ll be more fair in the future. Apologies. Thanks for making me better realize what I’d done.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t trying to complain – not too much 😉 One of the thrills of reading your articles (and by extension, the promos) is how you can uncannily channel the essence of each show into that article’s theme. Each one so far has felt like/captured the show it’s talking about perfectly. Makes the promos engaging too. So of course when I saw this one peppered (wait, that’s a food analogy!) with food references I immediately thought in that direction. *puts on mock stern voice* Don’t let it happen again, Mr. Rose.
        Lol, have a good day 🙂

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