Network Promo: Coming Friday, September 10

Now here’s something REALLY different.  A police show that took a very unusual way to look at cops on the beat.  Even though it’s been awhile, it’s one of those memorable shows…. (of course, for some, it’s a fond memory… for others, they’re wondering how it ever got on the air).

Five quotes:

“When it was good, it was unbelievable, and when it was bad it was really bad.”

But the idea was still there, waiting for a different form… and boy, was it different…

“…eventually you either retire, go mad, or become powerful enough to make your own show.”

“If it had been a more touchy, feely show….  I don’t think the audience had tolerance for it.”

“Always share the responsibility when it’s good.  Take all the responsibility if it’s bad.”

Come join me while I note both the greatness and the faults of another remarkable short-lived show, this Friday 8/7 Central!

Tim R.

  1. Jaret Morlan said:

    Holy Crap! Do you actually have the cajones to take on the most epic-ish cult show of all time:

    Hats off to you my friend! Then again, If I’m way off base here, then you’ve stumped me…

    • Tim Rose said:

      Got it in one, sir… especially when I tried to make this promo a bit more vague. Get ready for (as you say) epic… with six quotes, twelve bios, and twenty-five links in one article (including one quote from Joss Whedon, of all people….). Yeah, I’m taking it on, this Friday….

  2. Bill said:

    I’m so proud. I actually knew this one!

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