Network Promo: Coming Friday, September 3

What if… someone examined all kinds of alternate histories?  What if… someone made a show about social changes that never happened?  What if… we explore what would actually change in those situations, and what needs to remain the same?  What if… I wrote about it on this week’s Friday 8/7 Central?

Five quotes:

How it happened isn’t really that important.

…have the worst of the military brass as their personal enemy… and all they did was stop and ask directions.

“…that makes me think it’s not going to be over soon.”

…not scientific technobabble, a socio-political position, ecological advancement, or even a broken time-machine.

“I want to leave a record behind so that someone will know our story.”

I suppose it could be many different things, with clues like this.  If fact, the show could be many different things even without clues like this.  But one thing held it together.  Find out what that was, this Friday 8/7 Central!

–Tim R.

  1. Bill said:

    My first guess was Sliders. Have to rethink that one/

  2. Aha, clever promo. I have the eighth ep left to watch, I think I’ll do that before Friday, so I’ll be caught up before reading it.

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