Network Promo: Coming Friday, August 27

A relatively recent show this time, although, according to the show, it’s been on 20+ years.  But that’s the fictional version, of course.  The real thing lasted one season, and went from anticipation to cancellation much faster than anyone would have thought.  A sterling pedigree, a great cast, and (for me, at least), a terrific subject matter.

Five Quotes:

“It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy… If people are reading ‘the show is tanking’, they’re less likely to tune in….”

…the comedian who’s incredibly funny… but would much rather be taken seriously, both as an actor and as a person.

…everyone has a lot to do, and every character is under pressure to do it well, and do it quickly.

Instead of filming on a regular soundstage, the production company actually bought an old theatre and created the entire stage area AND backstage…

“She was smart to ignore the fact that one week earlier the show had been nominated for two Writers Guild Awards, as that would have undercut her thesis.”

Come back on Friday 8/7 Central, go behind the curtain, and see what makes some shows work, in spite (and sometimes because) of everything that happens each week.

–Tim R.

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