Network Promo: Coming Friday, August 20

What does it mean to be a hero?  What does it mean when you DON’T want to be a hero, but end up becoming one anyway?  And what’s worse, you never get to enjoy it, or get the credit….  There’s a great show in there, with a couple of great stars as well.

Five quotes:

“Because we’re nothing alike!  He leaps wide canyons, runs like a deer, swims like a spawning salmon… except for the spawning part, I can’t do any of that!”

“So I decided to give all the credit for my miracles to that imaginary miracle worker…”

After all, who can resist a fan who’s read everything you’ve ever written?

Therefore, he has a way with words, and can talk his way out of most situations when necessary.

“He has to assume a different posture, a different attitude.  There’s a slight voice change and there’s supposed to be an attitude change when he’s dealing with the outside world.”

It’s a different time, and a different world… and a different, very reluctant hero.  Tune in Friday 8/7 Central to find out about the hero he was meant to be.

–Tim R.

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