Network Promo: Coming Friday, August 13

Peabody and Sherman, get your Wayback Machine ready.  We’re going back to the early ’70’s for one of the most high-tech shows of the era… which means, although the shows were interesting, the “tech” could probably be outpaced by your smartphone.  Still, the adventures were fun, and the lead… kept changing.

Five quotes:

the other unusual part of the show is that it had multiple rotating leads

NBC could then mix and match (and promote) their preferred style for each evening…

…being the “sub”, had this habit of going “off the playbook” and improvising his way through…

…whether its medical telemetry across distances, or digital imagery that can be magnified and manipulated.

“I believe that every person is created as the steward of his or her own destiny…”

Look for this lost gem this Friday 8/7 Central, right here….

–Tim R.

  1. Jaret Morlan said:

    Wow, stumped me again. Losing my touch!

    Can’t wait!

    • This one might be before your time. In fact, I’m certain of it. But I still think you’ll enjoy it.

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