Network Promo: Coming Friday, August 6

Another guest article this week, as the blog hits both the original ’60’s show and and its rediscovery in the ’80’s as well.  Also, it’s a type of show that’s hasn’t been done on this blog yet, believe it or not.  And, a connection to something happening near my locale next week, hence the guest article.

Five quotes:

…there’s a visible white “twinkle” in his eye when he falls in love, which happened quite often.

Although at times the plots were completely nonsensical, at other times, they held onto sense by the thinnest of threads.

Success, however, doesn’t always lead to acceptance.

“I’ve determined personally that there were actually two groups.”

“It’s like 50/50 now — the mothers and the daughters, fighting for the autographs.”

Let’s see, the clues aren’t that hard this week.  Let’s see if someone can use their Head and figure this one out…. See you on Friday 8/7 Central!

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t guess this promo, since I used to watch it faithfully as a kid (in reruns), and I STILL listen to their music these days. My sis guessed it tho by the ‘Head’ and then the ‘visible white “twinkle” in his eye’ references.

    It’s too bad they had such negative hoopla to have to deal with, I never knew any of that while watching (too young to care). Hmm, which performer is making an appearance…? I’m quite excited to read the upcoming article. Thanks Tim and Guest Writer 🙂

    • “twinkle eye” himself is appearing here in a week or so. And yes, I’ve been listening to quite a bit of the music myself lately. Glad to see you got it right, but still didn’t “give it away”, so to speak. (Although it took your SISTER to get it? Losing some cred there, my friend, losing some cred….)

      Don’t miss the Last Train to Friday for the article!

    • Jen said:

      How old’d you say your sister was? Does she hang out? 😉

      • I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, but she’s my older sister (I’m 28), she and I do hang out a lot, and she hangs out here too, just isn’t the commenting type.

  2. Discoverer said:

    Hey hey, I think this is the first one I’ve guessed!

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