Network Promo: Coming Friday, July 30

Another show from the last couple years, this time with a discussion of what it should have been, considering what it originally was.  It’s not always what you say, but it’s how you say it….

Five quotes:

The problem is one of properly using the medium, not the sexuality.

…and can’t seem to tell the difference between sex and love, as noted by the number and type of men she ends up with (and without).

They were definitely interesting, but then there was no time left for a proper version of that week’s mystery.

In that situation, there’s no longer a “Chapter One” (or even a reprise) to set up the characters and the story.

This is NOT the audience advertisers pay for, no matter how many of those viewers there are.

Thanks for continuing to follow Friday 8/7 Central.  It’s still growing, and more people are joining the club all the time, thanks to you.  I appreciate it, and urge you again to come back Friday for yet another look at another great show!

–Tim R.

  1. Jaret Morlan said:

    Stumped! Well, sort of. This sounds so painfully familiar, but the only guess I have is:

    I’m fairly certain that this is wrong, but it kinda fits, don’t ya think?

    Can’t wait!

    • nope, try again. I’m also not putting the “promos” up until noon on Tuesday now, just to give the regular article a bit more time on the front page. While Dollhouse may be a good guess for the blog, it’s just not the show this week. Not all of them are genre, no matter what my own personal interests might be, you know…

      …Glad I could stump you, at least for the time being. Keep trying…..!

  2. Trivial said:

    Something I’ve always wondered: why is speculative fiction so often referred to as “genre”?

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