…so long as we share the light.

“I look out on this city of night… and tonight I am one with it.  I see the pathways and crossroads… the rush of possibilities, and I feel every point of light that is a life; each with its wonders and terrors.  I see how, in a single night, a world can be transformed.  How in one terrifying and wondrous moment my world was transformed… on a night as dark and glittering as this… two years ago, I found Catherine….”
–Vincent, from Beauty and the Beast

A new world... and a new love... awaits

Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton) is a Radcliffe grad, a young and beautiful corporate lawyer; a woman who seems to have it all–except a true motivation and reason for living, rather than just existing in her (relatively privileged) world.  That all changes on one fateful night when, mistaken for someone else, she is horribly beaten, scarred, and left for dead.


She’s found by Vincent (Ron Perlman), who also hides his “scarred” face (but never his compassionate heart), and taken underground.  Unknowingly, Catherine has just entered a world apart from hers, a world unknown to her… Once Upon a Time, in the City of New York.

“We’re below the city, below the subways.  There is a whole world of tunnels and chambers that most people don’t even know exists.  There are no maps to where we are.  It’s a forgotten place.  But it’s warm and it’s safe, and we have all the room we need.  So we live here and we try to live as well as we can, and we try to take care of each other.  It’s our city, down here.”
–Vincent, introducing Catherine to the world she never knew.

Catherine discovers a society of people who have, whether through necessity or choice, walked away from “the world above” and created their own existence below the city of New York.  A community based on peace and understanding, greater than any individual, who never turn their backs on anyone… especially an unusual child left on the steps of St. Vincent’s hospital years ago.

Vincent and "Father" -- Noble and True

The child was brought to Dr. Jacob Wells, one of the founders of this group.  Jacob is popularly known as “Father” (Roy Dotrice), both for his role in creating this new and just society, and for essentially being the “father” of the young foundling, who has grown up to become Vincent.  For you see, Vincent, while he has the greatest heart and soul of any human, looks more like a lion, with fur, claws, teeth…. and nobility.  And it is he, at the risk of discovery by the world “above”, who brought Catherine here to be healed by Father.  It was Vincent who brought to her light… and life, again.

Catherine’s injuries included, for a time, her eyesight, and so she only knew Vincent (at first) through his voice, his tenderness, and his compassion… and fell in love with him, and he with her as well.  And although she recoiled at her first sight of him, her heart overcame her surprise, gladly, overwhelmingly, and soon a love of the ages was born.  Theirs is an inspired love, a connection, stronger than fate, emotion, or passion.  It is the kind of love destined to last longer than time itself, and greater than words are ever needed to express.

Thanks to that love, and the discovery of an entirely different life, Catherine returns to “her” world with a new mission, to become a “Helper”, both to the underground group, and to the downtrodden others with nowhere to turn in the world above.  The former corporate lawyer takes a job as an overworked assistant for the D.A.’s office, with her new boss Joe Maxwell (Jay Acovone) and a new-found purpose to help others.  And thanks to the “connection” she still shares, Vincent can sense when she is in trouble and come running to help when needed.  Now, if this was an ordinary TV series, that would be the extent of the premise.  But Beauty and the Beast was no ordinary show, not by any stretch of the imagination.

If CBS had their way, the show would have simply been a formulaic “damsel in distress” show, with Catherine investigating the week’s crime, ending up in danger, and Vincent rushing in to save the day (and then off again, unseen, as her mysterious “savior”).  The focus would have been on the world “above”.  But that’s not quite how it happened.  The fans (and there are a lot of VERY loyal fans) responded, not to the “fears” of the world above, but to everything else the show had to offer in the world “below”….

“At last, a few people learned to put aside their fear, and we began to trust each other, to help each other.  Each of us grew stronger; those who took the help, and those who gave it.  We all were part of one another, one family, one community.  Sometimes we forget this, and so we meet here each year to give thanks to those who have helped us, and to remember– even the greatest darkness is nothing, so long as we share the light….”
–The candle-lighting opening of Winterfest, a tunnel community celebration.

Those who “shared the light” included people like Jamie, Mouse, Winslow, Kipper, Pascal, Mary, and the others who lived “below”, and to their “Helpers”, the people topside who kept their secret, like Catherine.  The show created a wondrous world beneath the mean streets of New York, a new world where people seemed to have become better than most of our “usual” society; where communication meant quotations of Shakespeare, and dreams were based on virtue instead of avarice.  Most of all, it was a world that could create the amazing connection between Vincent and Catherine, where even dreams pale in comparison to their relationship….

“…for we have a bond stronger than friendship or love… and although we cannot be together, we will never, ever, be apart….
–Catherine, in the opening credits.

Not only was there a bond between Vincent and Catherine, but there became a bond amongst the fans of the show.  After premiering in 1987, it quickly spawned a fandom similar to that of Star Trek and some other “niche” shows, even more so in dedication, if not in size.  The televised “tunnel” community, as Utopian as it was, became a model for the “fan” community.  And that, truly, is the lasting legacy of the show, and the uniqueness of its fans.  Lifelong friendships have been made because of this show.  Lives have changed because of this show.  And if you think this is hyperbole, then I invite you to visit the Yahoo Groups site of Beauty and the Beast fans, still going strong (and I mean STRONG) almost a quarter of a century later.

There have been yearly, in-person conventions, the most recent being just this past month in San Diego.  This year’s convention also included a surprise visit from the Beauty herself, Linda Hamilton, whose appearance was webcast and just put online, and next year’s live gathering will be held in New Orleans (More info on live gatherings can be found here).  But, in keeping with the “underground” nature of the tunnel society, the fans have adopted their own yearly Winterfest, a virtual celebration unique to the show.  Online, you can find fan fiction, artwork, poetry, games, articles, opinion, and lots and lots of general love and joy for all those other souls who wish to share, as Vincent once put it, “their better selves”.  Each year, a weeklong online celebration is held, with all this and more….  And, as Winterfest on the series always started with a candle-lighting ceremony, symbolically pushing back the darkness of the ordinary world, so too do all these people connect with each other, virtually and in reality, to bring light into each other’s lives.  Of all the shows and fans I’ve talked about in this column, Beauty and the Beast fans continue to be, as a whole, the most passionate, the most involved, and the most positive people I’ve ever met.  They’ve truly created their own community, all based on a wonderful hidden world, the positive themes of the show, and the characters they love.

crossing over into a new and wondrous world

LINDA HAMILTON (Catherine Chandler) was told by her college drama instructor that she’d never make a living as an actress.  She then went on to star in the first two Terminator movies (as well as Beauty and the Beast), and supposedly earned $1 million for her part in Terminator 2, not to mention being considered at one time for the part of Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager.  She has suffered from bi-polar disorder for much of her life, and has become an outspoken advocate for others with the condition.  She continues to act occasionally, and will have a regular role on the Showtime series Weeds in the coming season.  She’s also been announced as the (long-lost) mother of the lead character this fall on Chuck (which means, in some fictional world, she was married to Chuck‘s father, Scott Bakula, which makes genre fans cheer even more….)

RON PERLMAN (Vincent) was a “faceless” actor for most of his early career, playing behind the Beast makeup as Vincent, but also doing numerous voice-over roles in commercials and animation.  He finally was seen, himself, regularly in the TV version of The Magnificent Seven, then followed with more voice-over work until his movie (and mask) work in the Hellboy series.  He is currently seen, sans masks, as one of the leads in the critically acclaimed series Sons of Anarchy.

ROY DOTRICE (Father) dates his television career back to 1957, and until Beauty and the Beast was usually cast as the heavy in guest roles on series like Tales of the Gold Monkey, Remington Steele, and The A-Team.  He was a regular on Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Madigan Men, and played the “ultimate” father role of Zeus on Hercules.  Most of his work in recent years has been in England, in addition to a cameo with Ron Perlman in the movie Hellboy II.

JAY ACOVONE (Joe Maxwell) kept being “that guy who keeps showing up” in various series, not quite a regular, but playing the same character multiple times.  He’s been in multiple episodes of Murder, She Wrote, Renegade, Silk Stalkings, Providence, and Stargate SG-1, including the final movie episode of that show.  He’s also been on a number of episodes of General Hospital.

The show is set in New York, obviously, and fans thought it would be a great idea to sponsor a bench in Central Park (near a “supposed” location of one of the entrances to the tunnel world, in the show).  Through the monetary efforts of fans, a park bench was installed, with a very specific inscription.  It said:

“Even the greatest darkness is nothing,
so long as we share the light.”
Beauty and the Beast (TV)  1987-1990
Dedicated by its devoted fans.

There’s a complete series DVD set (as well as individual season sets), but they’re remarkably devoid of extras.  A “soundtrack” album, titled Of Love and Hope, was also released, and it not only includes some of the gorgeous music from the show, but also Perlman, in character as Vincent, reciting Shakespeare sonnets and other famous literature, much of it featured on the show itself.  And here’s the opening of the show on YouTube, where you’ll also find many other fan-created videos using scenes of the show, especially numerous love themes, for obvious reasons.

“SND” fans (and you know who you are), please read no further.  I have to be complete, and at least mention, briefly, what else exists, and what “SND” means.  For those who wish to continue, please do so after the Vital Stats section, where I will add more to the story of the show.  For those who wish to remember the show as it should be, thank you, for your love, and for your light.  –Tim R.

Vital Stats

44 episodes of the first two seasons — 12 more episodes (explained below) — no unaired episodes.
CBS Network
First aired episode:  September 25, 1987
Last aired episode:  May 26, 1989 (second season);  August 4, 1990 (third season)
Aired at Friday 8/7 Central:  Most definitely yes, and one of the best shows ever to do so.

Comments and suggestions appreciated, as always….


Now then….  I’m going to break a couple of rules here with this blog:  First, and most obviously, I just wrote about a two season show that ran 44+ episodes, a bit longer than most.  This show was so good, so important, and so personal for me to write about, that I felt I needed to.  Besides, I “connected” with the true love of my own life (whose name also happens to be Catherine) while this show aired, and I’d be more than remiss if I didn’t dedicate the best of this article above to her.

However…. here’s the second broken rule:  I didn’t talk about the whole show.  Deliberately.

Just to be complete, I have to mention the third season.  Beauty and the Beast was essentially “canceled” after its second year, rabid fan base and all… except that CBS ordered 12 more episodes to be aired at mid-season, ultimately on Wednesday nights.  The problem with this was, Linda Hamilton’s contract specifically said that if the show got any less than a full season order (or a fall season order, there’s some conflict about that…), then her participation was not guaranteed… and it’s kind of hard to have a show called Beauty and the Beast without the Beauty.  Linda agreed to approximately 10 days of shooting, to resolve the cliffhanger ending of the second season, and her scenes were interspersed throughout the 12 episode third season… aired out-of-order, no less, thank you CBS.  And the writers, in their infinite wisdom, introduced another female lead (Jo Anderson) to “search” for the now missing Catherine, and, in the ultimate insult to the fans, KILLED OFF the Beauty of Beauty and the Beast.  On television, at least, Catherine was dead.

Outrage is too mild a word.  Hell, Revolution is too mild a word.

Suffice to say, most fans completely IGNORE the third season, and any and all events therein, to the point where the acronym “SND” was developed online, meaning “She’s Not Dead” (referring to Catherine, of course).  Therefore, Vincent, Catherine, and the tunnel world still exist, if only in the hearts, minds, and joy (not to mention the fan fiction) of those who have been touched by the show.  You can’t (and SHOULDN’T) even mention 3rd season on the newsgroups, at least without significant fair warning, such is the negative reaction of many to the portrayal of those events, even now.

In other words, the fans have taken Beauty and the Beast, and the love of Catherine and Vincent, as their own, and refuse to see the darkness that the show became.  You see, there’s also a benediction at the end of Winterfest on the show, and I think it’s best to end this piece with it, seeing how the fans feel about not only third season, but the series as a whole:

“Darkness almost engulfed us, but our unity gave us strength.  Our shared light showed us the truth.  As we part for another year let us remember… Darkness is only the absence of light… and all winters end.”

The love between Vincent and Catherine may have had a winter, but it will never end.  No matter what happened in the “television” world, there’s far too many in “our” world who will never let it happen.  Their light will always be shared… and the story continues….

Vincent and Catherine at Winterfest -- A Love Lasting Forever and Always

  1. Jaret Morlan said:

    Hooray! Love, love, love this show! I just want to mention that this show also introduced me to Armin Shimmerman who any true genre fan worships. In fact there are SO many people involved with this show that have such geek cred they could sell out Comic Con on there own.

    Love the show, LOVED the posting.


  2. Bobbie MacTavish said:

    20+ years later this show still inspires many people. Many still meet every July to celebrate what a remarkable show it was. We have had fans from Japan; Australia; and Paraguay as well as may other international locales join this wonderful family reunion.

  3. Krista said:

    I first watched this show when I was a *mumble, mumble* teenager 🙂 I loved it then, but I grew up (I thought LOL) and got over it. More than 20 years out, I rediscovered it on DVD and to say I was inspired is an understatement. I have found close friendships in the fandom community, rediscovered the joy of writing, and never laughed or cried so hard as I did at the recent San Diego con. There are no words to describe how this show, those people inspired us and continue to do so.

    Thanks so much for posting this—what a wonderful posting. 🙂

  4. Linn Bankson said:

    Beautiful story, thank you so much.

  5. Vicky said:

    What a wonderful post, dear Tim! And thanks so much for including our very special online community. Vincent and Catherine (and their worlds) are truly something that has never been.

  6. Olivia said:

    How wonderful, especially after the delight of the recent convention in San Diego, to find this lovely article! Back when I was in college, a friend of mine kept telling me to watch a show called Beauty and the Beast, and when I finally did, I was instantly captivated! It was literate, romantic and compelling! I lost interest after the second season but loved it in reruns and then it vanished from my life as the reruns dried up. I had no clue there was a huge and vibrant fan community out there, but I finally discovered it last year online. And now I have met in person some of the best people and dearest friends of my life! This show has been truly inspiring to so many.

  7. Darlene said:

    Tim, what a great job you did with this article…I really enjoyed reading it…it was well worth the wait…thank you for sharing your thoughts on the most Beautiful Show of all Time…and the most wonderful bunch of people that is our Beauty and the Beast Tunnel Family…I’m forever thankful to have found them and this wonderful world of BATB…for if not the shared Love and Light of my Tunnel Family I would have been lost like Vincent was before he found his Catherine…Vincent and Catherine’s Dream and Love continues Forever…Always.
    Tim, as you say the Love between Vincent and Catherine will never end…as our Tunnel Family will never end…for we will carry our Light for one another and share our Love for the show and for each other…Forever and Always…for we have a bond like Catherine and Vincent…and…we will never, ever, be apart. Dar

  8. Sylvia said:

    Wow, just wow. What a great blog. Loved it!

  9. Gail said:

    The story DOES continue, Tim, and how wonderfully you’ve illustrated that. Excellent!

  10. Lynette said:

    Beautiful article. Tim, thank you so much. You absolutely get what the show was all about. The love between Catherine and Vincent will never end as well as the love of our Tunnel Community as we carry the light and love for one another and the show.

  11. Linda Stork said:

    Tim, what a delightful blog, you have captured the essence of this show so beautifully! This article will probably guide a few more ‘lost fans’ back to the tunnels. We have taken the tunnel culture into our own fandom, and continue to share the light! Thank you for helping to spread that light!

    Linda S.

  12. Michelle K. said:

    What a wonderful tribute to our beautiful dream! Thank you, Tim, for taking the time to share with the world what Beauty and the Beast means to us. It’s so difficult for people to “get it” … but you do, and you’ve done a wonderful job here.


  13. Discoverer said:

    Saw this show growing up. To say I’d never seen anything like it would be quite an understatement – it hit me like a New York City subway train.

    But that was twenty years ago, and I wondered how I would feel about it now. So I’ve been re-watching the show, and rediscovering all the things I loved about it. The verdict is (surprise) that it will be staying a favourite!

    The dreaded third series of the show is still a dark pit of memory for me, with most of its episodes missed. But now that I have an opportunity to go back and watch them all, I feel a distinct hesitation. Am I being childish? I can probably watch them just for history’s sake without accepting them into the ‘true canon’, but what if I ruin my good experiences of this re-watch? Advice, anyone?

    A very touching tribute, Mr Rose, and as much as I would have liked to have seen a lot more written about the show, and seen the exploring of the many rich themes it developed during its run, I think you hit the perfect tone for both the respect of the show, and for inspiring respect in potential new fans (who wouldn’t be interested after that?).

    • That’s actually the biggest problem with doing these articles…. how much “show” do I put in, and how much “background/context”? Especially when I’m dealing with shows that people haven’t heard of at all (like “The Quest” last week) or shows that are twenty years old (Beauty being a BAD example in this case, because of the dedicated fanbase); but some of the shows don’t have readily (or ANY) available DVDs, and so it becomes difficult to talk about the plot AND all the themes when I don’t want these to turn into novels. (I actually started this blog with the goal of 1500 words per article, hovered around 2000 for awhile, and am starting to approach 2500 or more on certain shows like BATB, and even then, I feel sometimes like I’ve missed something important… but don’t want to lose new or unacquainted viewers in the process with too many details. It’s just my best guess, depending on the show, and I’ll always add stuff in the comments if asked….

    • Vicky said:

      Tim, please feel free to remove this comment, it may be inappropriate given the delightful tone of this conversation, but I wanted to reply to Discoverer’s question/request…

      Dear Discoverer,
      If you decide to watch those twelve last episodes (which I personally can’t call cannon), just keep in mind the strongest evidence that it is all just a big nightmare: The absense of the bond. When Vincent’s dream starts in “Remember love”, the first thing he says is he can’t feel her… the very same thing he says in his first lines of this last season. Just as in “Remember love” he witness what it would be like if he didn’t exist, in these episodes he witnesses his worse fears come to life as consequence of that “lost of control” he feared so much in the Trilogy. So don’t worry: None of it is real!

      • Unless it’s pure spam, or just plain insults, I’m not planning on removing any comments made. I’ve removed one, total, in the history of the blog, and that’s at the request of the poster.

        Please discuss, converse, cajole, convince, coerce, or otherwise comment freely, as long as you’re reasonably civil, non-threatening, or spamming. I encourage positive AND negative comments, on the shows or my writing, as the worst thing I can think of is NO response.

        There’s a reason I put the bit about “SND” in there… I’m well aware of fandom, and the feelings about 3S, but I’m not going to just ignore what was, at least officially, part of the show either. I just know there are various ways to treat it, as fans, and I encourage everyone to find their own best way. I know mine, you can find yours, Discoverer will find his, and we’ll all be fine.

        But I do appreciate your consideration as to the “appropriate” nature your post, as it illustrates the kind of consideration that I’ve found among all BATB fans. In other words, thanks for proving the point of my entire post.

      • Discoverer said:

        Vicky, thank you, that’s a wonderful idea! I really appreciate your bringing up “Remember Love”, which I recall being an excellent episode.

        Once cast as a work of speculative fiction, the season becomes a “What If?” exercise (‘what if the Romans never fell’, ‘what if WWII had turned out differently’, etc.) and loses all negative sting. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable to explore such dark themes (in measured doses, at least!) and now I’m actually – dare I say it – looking forward to the season and the “completion” it will bring.

        Thank you again so so much – you’ve really lightened my ‘burden’ on this issue!

      • Becky B. said:

        If canon is exactlywhat was aired, then the last 12 episodes are canon, like it or not. You can’t wish away something that was. There is no evidence in either the first, second or third season that the episodes in the third season were a nightmare. You can turn your back on them, you can refuse to acknowledge them, etc, but you can not say they aren’t canon, because they are.

  14. Gosh, I don’t know what to say after reading this article, and the comments too. I just feel… enlightened. Thank you, Tim.

  15. Cathy said:

    Tim, Thank You for keeping the Dream Alive. Wonderful article.

  16. Jen said:

    LOVE IT! This was a great show!

  17. Tim, I’ve had this among my favourite B&B site bookmarks since you posted it, but am only now getting around to thanking you on this blog for the wonderful review of the series. Truly lovely – and you captured the spirit of the series beautifully.

    While I agree B&B fandom is wonderful in many ways (I too have made lifelong friends) – but that’s on the surface. Underneath, there is still the looming Abyss and those who think more like Paracelsus than Vincent.

    Until this fandom admits that it isn’t all sweetness and light – and attempts to mend the bridge over the Abyss – I will not be participating as I once did. I became a B&B addict when I joined the online fandom about three years ago. My love came to an end abruptly, destroyed by some of the very people still espousing the love and sense of community.

    I still love the series, however, and watch it. The series has a message that will never die and never grow stale or trite. It has been, and continues to be, a source of incredible inspiration to me. It makes dreams possible.

    Some people, alas, have lost the meaning of the dream, and their pretense that it is otherwise diminishes the entire fandom. They fear that revealing all the warts will divide fandom. Many vocally and physically shun fans who find merit in Season 3. That divide, one of several, makes this fandom look ridiculous and and hypocritical. Love cannot be conditional – and it has to be all-encompassing. That’s the message in the series.

    In fact, real honesty, the admittance of fault, of differences, of allowing discussion, would make B&B fandom stronger and more honest (just as it did in the Tunnel world) – and allow healing to begin. Think of the episode, Fever. It can be done – it must be done. This alone will bring back the many disillusioned fans, including myself, back into the fold.

    This nonsense has gone on for 20 years. How many disillusioned fans are strewn through the years? Isn’t it time everyone grew up and faced reality – that people are people and fallible – even B&B fans? The truth will make us free!

    If you delete this, dear Tim, so be it. I will understand – but you will be adding another rotten board to the bridge over the Abyss.

    • Tim Rose said:

      I’m not even tempted to delete this. I may or may not agree with every point, but I’m certainly not going to make any effort whatsoever to censor you. I’ve always said that as long as you’re not directly insulting someone (or just plain spamming the site), then all views are welcome here. Personally, as you can likely tell from the article, I love the first two seasons, but am not personally enamored with the third… but still felt it necessary to include it in the article, along with the events that surrounded its ultimate direction. As I said to Vicky above, everyone finds their own way to love the show, and to deal with the changes made. Some ignore it, some embrace it, and some can’t stand it. Fandom really is big enough for all of them, despite the vocal actions of a few. And as a wise man (Dr. Seuss) once said about people’s disagreements, “Those who mind, don’t matter. Those who matter, don’t mind.” Thanks for jumping into the conversation!

      • Thank YOU, Tim! I’m not blaming anyone in particular for the situation in this fandon – the fault lies with many, maybe in all of us, since if we don’t want to be part of a solution, we are part of the problem – right?

        The sickness is a kind of cancer, which manifests itself in unexpected ways every so often. I resigned from all the lists because of one rather nasty example of this in September – even though it had nothing to do with me. I don’t want to be a part of a group that implodes like that. It mocks our dream.

        For the record, I do not particularly like Season 3 as a whole, but within it there are wonderful parts – just as there are horrible parts in the classic seasons. In all three seasons there are episodes I won’t watch. Nevertheless, although we all love the series in our own way, as you said, too many have not learned the most important less of all – tolerance.

        My advice to the folks dividing this fandom is to dust off their tapes or dvds and watch the series again – right away – and take the lessons to heart.

  18. Vicky said:

    I could try to explain, but instead, let my reply be this wonderful essay: http://www.batbland.com/dream/JoAnn2010Apr12.htm
    I’m sorry you apparently had a bad experience with some fans. The tunnels are vast, and there are chambers for everyone. To me, that does not show devisiveness, but inclusiveness.

    • Sorry, I disagree – and there’s no need to explain. I’ve read all the arguments. They only mask the truth – and perpetuate the lie.
      A universe of tunnels would not be vast enough for the acrimony and hypocrisy I have witnessed in this fandom – one which claims to be a “community”. It is certainly NOT inclusive. Anyone who challenges the status quo, or the fiats and tunnel-vision of a few self-proclaimed “mothers” (who are always right) will discover that those chambers can rain rocks. Waking up after the deluge is painful, but the improved vision is worth it.

      • Tim Rose said:

        All right, you’ve made your point, multiple times in fact. We get it. Not everyone agrees, necessarily, but you have to let go sometimes, just as much as the people who apparently hurt you. If this was three years ago (or even three months ago), and you’re still feeling it, to the point of labeling honest feelings as “lies” and an entire community as “hypocrites”, then I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m not going to paint everyone with that brush because of what you term as “the Abyss”. I don’t necessarily agree with them, or you, but your argument has been made, and thank you. You’re now to the point where you’re mocking them as much as they apparently “mock the dream”, in your opinion. Different kinds of love, different shades of feeling, different humans. Let them be who they are, instead of trying to mold them into your ideals, and we’ll work on them doing the same, OK? But name calling, in either direction, isn’t going to help anyone.

        Keep loving the show. That comes from you, not anyone else in a “community”. That can never be taken away by anyone’s heart but yours, and only if you let it. Don’t destroy your own dream in the name of “saving” it.

  19. Thanks for the honesty Tim, but I’m not trying to mold anyone. The existing rifts (many of which existed from the beginning ) and the cover-up, denial and rose-coloured glasses, are why myself and many others remain largely divorced from this fandom. You all “get it” but you won’t do anything about it. Fine. End of story.
    We still hThe dream cannot be destroyed, Tim. It lives inside us. However the outside manifestation can be tarnished.

  20. Becca Board said:

    I agree with G.S.G. Ltd. I joined the fandom around the same time as this person. To say that my eyes have been opened is an understatement. There are many tunnels in the community which are dark and, once seen, can not be forgotten. I love the show and this fandom, but I will be honest and say that sometimes, it has sharp teeth, and if one wants to be a member of a certain group in this fandom, one needs to be aware of the cliques and favoritism shown to only a select few. It is, like any other thing, built by humans, so it is subject to human failings. There are some wonderful things about this fandom, and these things, plus the love of the show, are what keeps me involved.

  21. Gail M. Wessman said:

    I have ALWAYS been a Beauty and the Beast fan it is wonderful that you are keeping the love alive! Thank you.

  22. Jennifer Kunz said:

    Great show, currently rewatching it. Great article and discussion in the comments.

  23. twitter said:

    I am actually glad to glance at this blog posts which contains
    tons of valuable information, thanks for providing these statistics.

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