Network Promo: Coming Friday, July 16

Here’s one I almost guarantee you won’t know.  It aired against one of the most popular shows in television history at the time, during one of its most popular seasons.  Which meant, you could take chances and put quirky and odd shows up against it, and people would just say your network (especially last-place ABC) was “counter-programming”.  Good thing, or we never would have gotten this oddity.  From prolific producer Stephen J. Cannell, one of the few fictional shows he did that really didn’t succeed, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.  And it could almost be a reality show today….

Five quotes:

I can hear reality producers climbing all over themselves already, trying to be the first to pitch it to a network.

“They have been knighted, and sent forth as their forebears were…”

…and when I say poetry, I mean very BAD poetry, as he considers himself to be a bard of the olden times…

(including, once, being stuck in the large boiling pot belonging to cannibals)

…if anyone has a copy of the unaired episode A Prince of a Fellow, contact me IMMEDIATELY!

There, that should be enough to get you started on your quest.  Or at the very least, get you curious enough that you come back to see what show I’m talking about this week on Friday 8/7 Central!

–Tim R.

  1. You’re right, I’ve NEVER heard of this one – so yes, I’m quite interested to read the article!
    This is a promo for it, is it not:

    I wanted to tell you this, cos you might get a kick out of it:
    Now whenever I’m talking with friends and the name of a short-lived TV show enters the conversation, one of us will go ‘Hey that only had one season, didn’t it? Maybe it’s one Tim will do!’ – you’re famous 😉


    • Dead on perfect, and surprisingly, a better promo than the ones that I’d seen previously (although it is one of the shows in my bootleg collection, along with ALMOST all the unseen eps as well. I hope you have fun with it, and I can only hope to be as famous as some of these shows…. that… erm… died after six episodes….

      wait… that came out wrong….

      oh, and I should let you know that, the following week, I’m actually breaking the rules (it’s my blog, and I get to do that….) and doing a show that lasted MORE than one season… in fact, officially, it lasted 2 1/2… but nobody counts the half…. but that’s the next week… this week, prepare for the royal celebration…..

      (and don’t be shy about letting me know about some of those “mentioned” shows… just cause my list is almost a HUNDRED possibilities (and I’ve done three that weren’t even on the original list already) doesn’t mean I’m not looking for more. Got another one mentioned to me today by a relative, as a matter of fact, so I have to go do more research…. see you on Friday!!

  2. Jaret Morlan said:

    Thirdbass beat me to it! I was so proud that I knew this one and now I’m second place. Well played! The only reason I know of this show is because of my (extreme) fandom for one of the actors. Can’t wait to read this.

    • really? which one? I’m assuming John Rhys-Davies, but it could be any of them, honestly. There’s a pic from him in the article, but it’s the only one of him I could actually find from Quest, and it’s not all that great… but gosh, he was funny in this.

      Oh, and you’re never in second place. ThirdBass is using some kind of mind control/scientific misfit mumbo jumbo, I’m sure…. Hope you both enjoy the article going up tonight…

      • Ahem, I said I NEVER heard of this one, I DIDN’T guess it – Tim put an ep title in the promo, all I did was feed that into IMDB, and voila! Oops, I guess I shouldn’t have just given away my secret… Although I’m not against resorting to “mind control/scientific misfit mumbo jumbo” if need be 😀 lol!

        As for the ‘mentioned’ TV shows:
        One was ‘Hard Time on Planet Earth’
        A little rough in spots, but still has some charm. (I just recently re-watched the ep that had Mark Thomas Miller guesting on it)

        Another was ‘Jeckyl.
        It was where I first saw Gina Bellman (playing Jeckyl’s wife), she was so awesome in it that when Leverage was coming on I wanted to watch it because of her (of course then the whole of Leverage turned out awesome, she was just the only cast member I’d seen previously). And James Nesbitt was SO CONVINCING in the dual role.

  3. note to self: no more using actual show titles in the promo. Sneaky readers…..

    It’s a fun game (guessing what’s coming), and one of these weeks (when I decide to do a game show or some such thing) I’m just going to put up a quiz of these types of shows, and we’ll see how people do.

    And no matter how much I love Leverage (and believe me, I really LOVE Leverage), I’m a bit leery of doing much with British shows (even with Gina Bellman), if only because so MANY of them are designed to be short-run series… (Doctor Who being an obvious exception, and I’m a HUGE Who fan as well…), but the point being that I just don’t always have the resources or knowledge for that. Having said that, I AM planning on specifically doing a deliberate “short-run” show, but it’s Canadian, and it will be a bit of time before I can actually get to that one, so don’t hold your breath….

    Meanwhile, just to whet your appetites, I’ve got the next few already written, and they are (in no particular order) from all the way back in 1972, one in the ’80’s, one in the ’90’s, and one as recent as 2007-8….. so there…. and I’ve got a guest article that I hope will appear at some point with a show from the late 1960’s as well, so I think we’ve got everyone covered.

    Thanks for the good words, folks, and I’ll keep trying to give good words back.

  4. Discoverer said:

    Wait a minute – John Rhys-Davies?

    Okay, now I want to watch it for sure! (also looks cool in the promo, and I love that ABC logo at the end of the clip – thanks ThirdBass!)

    I think I agree with you about Jeckyl, Mr Rose, since it was not meant to run longer…but I wish it had, so does that count?

    And you, sir, are seriously whetting my appetite with all those teasing details!

  5. Trivial said:

    Regarding Jeckyl, I seem to recall an “Or is it?” ending, and the dvd release insisted it was series one. Looks to me like they were hoping to continue the story…

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