Network Promo: Coming Friday, July 2

This week, a show again from long ago, but with a topic as eternal as life and death, literally.  Living, loving, dying, and moving on.  The pilot was one of the most watched shows ever at the time.  Here’s the five quotes:

“Who’s gonna clean the toilet?  Who’s gonna clean the oven?”

…what it was “to be young, and a mother, and in love… and dying.”

Her journey was documented with a series of tape recordings…

…and while not maudlin in any way, it was still not the usual laugh-a-minute fare…

…no matter what he is or isn’t, no matter what he may or may not become, there’s still no meaning for any of it without…

Come back Friday 8/7 Central, to read about one of the most touching and emotional stories you’ll ever find.

–Tim R.

  1. Jaret Morlan said:

    Alright, my guess has got to be, “Sunshine.”

    • You realize, of course, that you’re the reason I have to make these promos so darn hard in the first place, because you already know me so well…. that, and the fact that you could easily do for movies what I’ve been doing for television for the past few months.

      Yes, it’s Sunshine. Thank you John Denver. For the rest of you, please come back Friday and find out what all the fuss was about, and how love, dying, and moving on are all part of the process of what it is to be human. And why it (and so many others of these shows) have been such a part of my life…..

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