Network Promo: Coming Friday, June 25

Here’s a first:  a show that involved four different countries to produce, had locales that represented even more places, and was based on material written before any of us were born.  Quite a globe-trotting series for the new millennium.

Five quotes:

“…because he was furious at the Russian invasion of Poland.”

“…noted figures as diverse as Mark Twain, Queen Victoria, and Frank and Jesse James!”

…sexy, capable, and more than able to handle herself in a fight.

…was the first hour-long series shot completely in Hi-Definition.

This was $40 million dollars riding on, literally, faith in the concept.

Again, a show many have never heard of, even with 22 episodes.  It won’t be a secret much longer.  Just tune in this week to Friday 8/7 Central for the adventure!

–Tim R.

1 comment
  1. Jaret Morlan said:

    My guess is that this has to be “The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne.” If I am right, then I can not wait to read this one. If I’m wrong…well i’m still excited either way. 🙂

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